Strignano’s Forex Signals – 3 Major Reasons This is the Edge Forex Traders Are Looking For

Forex Trading For BeginnersThere are as many ways to learn to trade Forex as there are Forex trading methods. But, I’d like to reveal 3 major reasons Tom Strignano’s Forex Signals sets itself apart. This is the most unique and powerful ways to learn how to trade Forex like a true professional. Here are the 3 major reasons that set this service apart…

Ongoing Training And Mentoring With Real Forex Traders

Even if you get your hands on a successful Forex trading system, that does not mean you can learn it by locking yourself in a room with an eBook or video. Most people are just not “self learners”. Well, this is very important when learning something as powerful (an potentially profitable) as Forex trading.

With this service, you get direct contact through twice a week webinars with Tom and Carlos. You are not taught something and then left by yourself to figure out the finer points. They are with you to answer your questions and help you improve every step of the way. That gives you the best chance possible of learning these trading techniques and using the tools Tom provides.

Important Price Levels Other Forex Traders Don’t Have

Because of the name, everybody thinks the signals are the true value of the service. They are wrong…. the true value are the price levels Tom gives you using his proprietary formulas. During his 25 years as a bank trader, Tom came up with special formulas for him to map out the currency markets.

You get pivot points, daily ranges and the king of all price levels… the Trend Reactionary Numbers. These levels give you an edge because the help you determine where price is most likely to go, not just where it has been. Using the trading methods and signals with these levels is what makes this service really stand out.

Signals You Can Trade Manually Or On Autopilot (Or Both)

Primarily, Tom’s goal is to teach you to trade Forex like a true professional. This means trading the systems and signals manually. This training is what is going to help you grow as a trader.

But you can also us an Expert Advisor to trade the signals on autopilot. But here is the thing… you need to know how to trade the signals manually before using the EA. The EA has the capability of being set up to trade like you would if you were sitting in front of the computer. In order to know how you would trade, you first need to learn how to trade the signals manually. I for one think this is great because you know WHY the EA does what it does… and don’t just put your trading future in an EA’s hands.