How Does Forex Killer Work?

Forex Trading For BeginnersForex Killer is one of the most popular Forex advisory softwares in the world today. With thousands of users and rave reviews from around the globe, it is only natural that this software is the subject of a widespread discussion in the trading world.

So, how does Forex Killer work? What does it do, and what doesn’t it?

The first common misconception that I’ve encountered about Forex Killer is that it trades for you automatically. This isn’t true and I want to be clear on that. Forex Killer isn’t an automatic trading software. Of course, it works automatically as does any software, but it doesn’t do the actual trading for you.

How Forex Killer works is very simple: you feed into it the market data for whichever Forex pair you wish to trade. You then click a button for the software to do it’s calculations which are based on complex mathematical models and analysis tools. The result is a trading signal for you to use or not use at your own discretion. The decision is yours to make. You don’t have to follow each and every signal Forex Killer gives you, though you should follow most of them if you’re really serious about using this software.

You take the signal which the software gave you and feed it to your online broker or over the phone to your offline broker. All you need to do then is sit back and let the market play itself out.

But does Forex Killer work? Do it’s signals deliver the goods? The answer is that they don’t succeed 100% of the time, but more often than not, this tool can help you make much more money on the Forex market.