HDFC Forex Cards

forex trading for beginnerssHDFC bank is a financial institution that was among the first institutions to receive an ‘in principle’ approval from RBI or the Reserve Bank of India. It is one of the best banks in India and was registered in Mumbai, India. The Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited was also registered in India as a commercial bank in January 1995. The HDFC has core values, that is, operational excellence, customer focus, product leadership, and people. The HDFC bank provides Forex products and cards that will encourage wholesalers and retailers to operate and work efficiently. One of the best products of Forex in HDFC bank is prepaid cards. However, other types of Forex cards such as Forex Platinum, Giftplus, and FoodPlus card.

What are Prepaid Cards?

Forex prepaid cards are often used for making payments when users are travelling abroad. Travelling abroad means that users might need money or cash in various forms of currencies since they are traveling from place to place. These prepaid cards enable users to receive cash in different forms of currency. Currently, they also allow topping up of cash depending on several requirements. HDFC Forex cards allow users to shop, check current balance, and withdraw money in various forms of currency. Prepaid Forex cards allow the decrease in billed rates and additional fees when money transactions are made. When cash, which is in different forms of currency, is converted and transacted, additional fees will be charged if users use debit or credit cards. However, with HDFC Forex prepaid passes, exchange rates get locked in on the day of transaction so these passes are cost-effective compared to others.

Other HDFC Forex Cards

ForexPlus Card is also one of the best cards users choose as their partner when purchases are made. Just like credit cards, HDFC ForexPlus cards will allow users to purchase products conveniently as using plastic money or cash. However, the main difference is that HDFC ForexPlus cards will debit directly the amount of cash from a user’s account when a transaction is made. HDFC ForexPlatinum Card is designed for elite users with benefits and additional features to allow a platinum mode of shopping and purchase. Insurance services and security are main features to this type of card. HDFC Forex GiftPlus cards allow users to entertain and express themselves through the convenient choosing of personal gifts for the ones they love. Lastly, HDFC Forex FoodPlus cards are specially designed for shoppers and eaters.