Forex Currency Trading Beginner? Discover 7 Reasons Why FAP Turbo is the Best Software For Beginners

forex trading for beginnerssI remember a few years back when I was a Forex currency trading beginner. It seemed like every week some new Forex e-book or software was released that over promised and under delivered. Or, the strategies were so difficult to understand and implement you had to have a degree in Finance to use the things. Since that time, I must have spent several thousand dollars purchasing various Forex e-books and software. A few months back I started using a piece of software called FAP Turbo, which is an automated Forex trading robot, or expert adviser.

I wish I had this software two years ago, when I was a Forex currency trading beginner! If you are new to Forex trading and have been reviewing and comparing various Forex currency trading systems, pay close attention. Here are my top 7 reasons why FAP Turbo is the best software for a Forex currency trading beginner:

1) Profits on Backtests – The performance of an automated Forex trading robot, like FAP Turbo, can be tested by running the software against actual historical foreign currency exchange data. In a 9 year backtest, FAP Turbo would have made almost 10,000 trades, with a 95% winning trade percentage. Only 5% losing trades in 9 years!

2) Automatic Hands Free Trading – Want to work smarter and not harder? Once the software is installed and configured, it runs on auto-pilot. You can take a two week vacation to a tropical island and FAP Turbo continues to make winning trades…while you’re sipping Margaritas.

3) High Trading Activity – FAP Turbo consistently makes 10 to 20 trades weekly – What does this mean? At a 90% + success rate…more trades equals more dollars.

4) Easy Installation – The FAP Turbo software seamlessly installs and runs inside your Metatrader software with just a few clicks of the mouse. I had the software running within 10 minutes of downloading it.

5) Trades Multiple Currencies – FAP Turbo trades 4 currency pairs using the scalper strategy and one currency pair on the long term strategy. Trading on 5 currency pairs equals more trades = more dollars.

6) Very Low Drawdown – The scalper trading strategy has a built-in Stop Loss value so losing trades are small and limited. A built in Stop Loss truly helps make FAP Turbo a hands free trading system. You can let the system run on auto-pilot without the fear of losing your shirt on a trade.

7) Prevents Risky Trades – Built into the FAP Turbo algorithm are a good number of safe filters and indicators to prevent trading in risky conditions. FAP Turbo works with same precision throughout any market conditions, even through the current financial crisis starting in Mid September, 2008.

The FAP Turbo automated Forex trading system is a completely automatic trading system and is perfect for the Forex currency trading beginner. Once set up, it executes trades automatically with sniper-like accuracy whenever it calculates a Forex trading opportunity.