Foreign Exchange Trading Made Easy

Forex Trading For BeginnersDefinition- Foreign exchange trading also known as FX or Forex, is defined as the trading of one currency in exchange for another. The foreign exchange market is the biggest, most lucrative and liquid market on earth, trading 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Up to US$1.5 trillion dollars worth of trades are conducted everyday. Central Banks, Corporations, Individuals and speculators form part of the forex participant base. 5 % of daily volumes consist of Government and commercial currency conversions, the other 95% is made up of speculation and trading.

Advantages- Foreign exchange trading has major advantages including high liquidity, all day and all night trading due to overlapping trading session, traders are given the chance to react to market, economical and political events as they occur, low transaction costs and trade on margin opportunities.

Risk- The risk involved with forex trading is just as high as the possible reward. However it’s very important to understand that you stand the chance of losing not only any profits made but also your total initial investment. If you are gambling on the market with money you don’t actually have or you are not willing to lose, rather avoid it. Should you feel uncertain about this trade type, follow your gut feeling and rather steer clear from trading. Invest in trade courses or books on the subject to assist you with understanding the mechanics of the market before serious trading is attempted

Rollover and spot markets- Forex deals are normally conducted on the spot basis, meaning that deals are done at on the spot rates and settled within two working days. However some positions remain open and are rolled over, expiring only on next settlement day. The rate is then referred to as next rate.

Quoting- Quoting refers to the bid and asking price for the currency pair. The bid price is usually on left hand side and asking price on the right hand when indicated.