Do Forex Trading Forums Really Help You?

Forex Trading For BeginnersDo you participate in forex trading forums? Searching for a better trading strategy by discussing with forum participants? Find the information in forums too complicated or confusing?

There are several Forex Trading Forums online, and they are populated by sometimes thousands of members who gather there to chat, talk strategy and discuss the latest events happening in the financial markets.

One major reason why Forex Trading Forums are so popular is because they allow traders to connect with other traders. Retail forex trading can be an occupation where the trader stays isolated from others during trading hours. Interaction with other traders helps take away some of that sense of separation.

However, by the very fact that forex trading forums are filled with so many people, you can get conflicting and information that could potentially cause you to lose money.

The Dynamics of Forex Trading Forums.

Forex Trading Forums are filled with traders of all levels. From people just starting in the trading business to experienced, profitable traders.

As a result, the information that you get from forums are usually mixed. And as a new trader, it’s hard to tell what really works, and what appears to work on the surface but is potentially harmful to your trading accounts in the long run.

Even though information provided by experienced traders may be good, it’s usually good because it works within the framework of a larger perspective.

It’s like saying using the Stochastic indicator works, and leaving it at that. While the Stochastic Oscillator works, it has to be applied within certain markets and specific trading situations for higher accuracy in reading a potential trade.

A potential disaster waiting to happen is for a new trader to read it and go, “Oh! The Stochastic Oscillator works!”. When the new trader then goes to trade solely on the indicator, it ends up being sometimes accurate, and sometimes not. After going through a series of wins and losses, the trader may end up being frustrated at not getting it to work.

How To Use Forex Trading Forums

Don’t mistake me for being against forex trading forums. They serve a purpose in the life of a trader, and they have their plus points. But when you understand what actually occurs within any forum, it gives you a different perspective.

So how do you use Forex Trading Forums?

A better perspective in using Forex Trading Forums is to approach it to get a feel of what’s happening in the lives of traders new and experienced. Treat each piece of information that you get as raw, untested and of unknown potential in both directions.

If you want to use any information gained from Forex Trading Forums, test it out first. Preferably in a demo trading account. Go through the logic of why it should or shouldn’t work, and then test it within a series of trading scenarios.

You might just be surprised at the outcomes. Some things that you don’t expect to work show potential, while others you do expect to work crash and burn. When you come across useful ideas, you may want to develop them further to help you in your trading.


Forex Trading Forums are filled with information both good and bad. Unfortunately, for a new trader it’s hard to tell which is which. That’s why as a trader, when you enter trading forums, go in with an open perspective but be willing to test out any idea you get before actually using it in your trading.

The idea is to use such information to develop and grow your experience, knowledge and understanding of trading the markets until you’ve built up enough data and “links” in your mind to see the bigger picture.

Forex Trading Forums are a valuable resource, but you have to use them wisely.

Be A Smart Trader.